Family Portal

chris250Welcome to the Family Portal

This system was used for Summer Camp 2017.

Our After-school Program registration is done through:







Go to After-school Program Registration


Our Family Portal can be used to:


Click to Enter the Family Portal


Family Portal FAQ’s

1. How do I log in to my Family Portal for the first time?

Click any link to enter the Family Portal. Enter the email you used during registration (or the one we have on file for families currently enrolled), and click the link “Forgot your password or need to get started”. Your password will be sent to that email. Use that information to log in. Once in the Portal, you can change your password under “My Account”.

2. What can I do in my Family Portal?

In the Family Portal you can add a new student, make a drop request, contact our staff, enroll in a class, update your information, view your schedule, make a payment, and view and print any past transactions.

3. Can I print a statement from the Family Portal?

Although you can view and print your transactions in the Portal, you need to make a request via email or at the center for a formal statement.

4. Can I pay with an E-Check?

E-Check processing requires additional fees. We figured it’s pretty easy just to drop a check at the center. If you would like to see E-Check added as a form of payment, please let us know.

5. How do I update my contact information?

In the “My Contacts” tab, you can add or correct any information for contacts in your account. If you would like to add or delete a contact (a person authorized to pick-up your child), please make that request using the “Contact Staff” function, or in person at the center. Once they are added, you can edit them too.

6. How do I Enroll in additional classes (Movie Nights, Summer Camp Days, Special Events)?

Under the “Enroll” tab, choose one of the fields (program, session, day), to begin your search. When you find a class that you would like to add, click enroll and add the student or students that you wish to enroll. Fees will automatically be posted to your account, and our staff will take care of any discounts or promotions.