Parent Testimonials

“Outta Bounds has an incredible program that has provided great experiences for my children!”

“After 3 years with your fantastic team, the boys still want to go back for more. You keep getting better and better.”

“You couldn’t ask for a better staff. I love knowing that my child is not only being well taken care of,
but having their life enriched through the camp’s daily activities.”

“Outta Bounds provides a positive environment where my daughter can be with other kids her age, getting the healthy
social interaction and the homework supervision that she needs.”

“We have lived in Mission Viejo for 18 years and have always been impressed with the quality of programs that are available to our whole family. Outta Bounds is one of these quality programs.”

“The Outta Bounds staff shares the same morals and values as my family does, and they are considered an extension of
ourselves to be there when we cannot be.”

“Outta Bounds does an outstanding job of creating the kind of environment that kids want to attend.”

“Finding good experiences for kids is very difficult, and Outta Bounds is truly an outstanding program
that is an asset to the City of Mission Viejo.”

“Outta Bounds provides a safe place for the kids to be. There is quality supervision,
and I never worry about my son during the day.”

“The staff became a part of our life and as a single parent, I really experienced that it can “take a village to raise a child”
and this staff really became an extended family to us.”