CIT Program

Summer Camp CIT’s

CIT’s are Counselors in Training, and the CIT Program is a great way for our older kids to stay involved with Outta Bounds and work on developing leadership skills. We get a lot of questions about our CIT program, so here are the basics.

CIT’s are still campers, but also work in conjunction with our staff to create fun for the other kids. Counselors in Training prepare activities, assist new campers, organize and clean, and are always ready to help where needed.

Working at camp is not for everyone, and being one of the oldest kids is not the most important qualification. Most students who have just finished 8th grade, typically enroll as a regular camper that summer. Being a mature and helpful camper during one’s final summer is the first step in becoming a CIT.

After completing the experience as a camper and finishing the first year of high school, some people are ready to make the transition to a Counselor in Training. The first step is to complete the online application on the Outta Bounds website. Qualified candidates will then be scheduled for an interview. If we think they are ready to help us make difference in the lives of our campers, they will be added to our training schedule.

Counselors in Training must attend our Summer Camp staff training and complete any additional training that is required for all staff. CIT’s enroll in Summer Camp as regular campers, and may pick and choose the days they attend. We strongly encourage CIT’s to enroll in sequential days, and to choose both center and field trip events. After the completion of all training, a CIT’s tuition will be reduced (around 50% for most days) and their journey begins.

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Jr. Counselors

After a successful year of participating in the CIT Program, some people return for a second year. This position is still volunteer, but there is no tuition for accepted participants. These are typically people who could (and sometimes do) have a paying job, but still love camp.

Jr. Counselors are scheduled like paid staff, but we can work around other activities and commitments. They must still apply, interview, and participate in all staff training requirements.

Our best Jr. Counselors are excellent candidates for paid staff in both summer and and school-year programs at Outta Bounds.

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