Homework Program

One of the objectives of the After-school Program is to assist our students with their homework. After snack and some recreation, all of the kids must participate in homework time, or present all of their completed assignments. Initially, the entire center will be utilized for homework. As students complete their work, areas of the center will be opened for gaming and recreation. If needed, a homework area can be made available until 6:00pm. We have found that there is always a correlation between missing assignments and poor grades. Students’ grades are monitored online and through communication with our parents. If assignments are not being completed, students will be placed on academic probation (no recreation and games), until things improve. With the right blend of guidance and incentives, we are typically able to help each student achieve their academic goals.

Students pledge to:

Homework Links

Typing Websites

If you don’t have homework, you can read a book or practice typing at one of the websites below.